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In the spotlight: an interview with Kate Barclay and Louise Walsh

This week the spotlight is on the co-founders of Total Facilities Recruitment, Kate Barclay and Louise Walsh. Working in the facilities management and building maintenance sector, TFR launched with Recruitment Entrepreneur in 2014. We caught up with them and learnt what advice they would give to their younger selves, their favourite thing about being their own boss and what it

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Lessons from India: what two weeks of yoga, meditation and self-help books taught me about recruitment and life (yes, seriously)

There is absolutely no point setting goals and targets if you aren’t committed to achieving them.

If something is worth doing, then it must be done. Don’t just agree that it would be nice to make it happen – decide you are going to do it. Write it down somewhere you’ll see it every day. Visualise how you will feel and what you will gain when you achieve it. Plan how you are going to get there.

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Two Years at Hanami International

I already knew recruitment was a tough job. Paying rent on a London flat I never saw, earning £18,000/year, the once eagerly promised commission still far from reach. These were tough times. I learnt why recruitment companies value resilience so highly, I saw 11 graduates come and go in my first year, in an office of eight. It’s not for everyone.

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Finding Myself in Executive Search

After travelling South America for three months, I came to the sad conclusion that I was no longer at university and thus had no purpose in life. For approximately one week, this was delightful. The next week I was back at my google search, this time I stumbled across recruitment. I really liked the sound of being paid for how hard I worked and I liked that the work was based on building relationships with clients and candidates.

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