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Recruitment Entrepreneur’s first £1 million biller: James Absalom looks back at 2018

2018 saw a landmark achievement for Recruitment Entrepreneur – James Absalom, CEO of Walter James, became the portfolio’s first £1 million biller. Partnered with RE since 2015, Walter James are a global executive search and human capital advisory firm specialising in the consumer, retail and life sciences sectors. We sat down with James Absalom to discuss the past year’s achievements,

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Breaking into the boardroom: how Walter James is redefining executive search

“Equality is no longer an optional extra or about being on the right side of history. Diversity on a board brings extensive business benefits and boosts economic success”, Belinda Phipps, Chair of The Fawcett Society Boardroom diversity has long been a talking point. With women accounting for a mere 6.4% of executive roles at FTSE 250 firms in 2018, and

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The Rise of Empathic Recruitment

We can broadly divide empathy into “affective” and ‘’cognitive’’: the first referring to the sensations and feelings we get in response to others’ emotions; the latter to our ability to identify and understand emotions and predict actions. It’s easy to see how both can play a big role in recruitment. Highly empathic recruiters have a natural advantage when it comes

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Finding Myself in Executive Search

After travelling South America for three months, I came to the sad conclusion that I was no longer at university and thus had no purpose in life. For approximately one week, this was delightful. The next week I was back at my google search, this time I stumbled across recruitment. I really liked the sound of being paid for how hard I worked and I liked that the work was based on building relationships with clients and candidates.

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