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Top 10 2018

Abid Hamid: five key lessons for success in business

In the lead-up to Recruitment Entrepreneur’s 5th birthday, we sat down with CEO Abid Hamid and asked him to share a few of his pearls of wisdom that have been most applicable in the last five years. These are his top five tips for leaders in business: Avoid procrastination. I don’t do ‘maybes’. Answer everything with either a yes or

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Breaking into the boardroom: how Walter James is redefining executive search

“Equality is no longer an optional extra or about being on the right side of history. Diversity on a board brings extensive business benefits and boosts economic success”, Belinda Phipps, Chair of The Fawcett Society Boardroom diversity has long been a talking point. With women accounting for a mere 6.4% of executive roles at FTSE 250 firms in 2018, and

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Manchester’s booming economy paves the way for entrepreneurs

Manchester has played a crucial role in the UK’s economic growth since the industrial revolution. Its thriving business landscape, impressive economic forecasts and low operating costs make it a competitive location for business expansion and creation. Economic outlook Whilst London has always been the business capital of the UK, Manchester is leading the charge in de-centralising the UK market, boasting

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Why you should be paying attention to Australia’s infrastructure boom

Australia’s infrastructure and construction industry is experiencing one of the biggest booms in living memory. With so many new projects in the pipeline and more than $16 billion a year forecast to be invested for at least the next three years, the boom is set to last up to a decade. Why is infrastructure investment necessary? Any growing population requires

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Relocating to… Bermuda!

An idyllic location coupled with minimal tax and accelerated career progression – how does that sound? Bermuda, along with the Cayman Islands, and other offshore locations across the Americas and Europe, is one of the most sought-after relocation options for accounting, finance and insurance professionals. Over the past four years, Hanami International has placed many candidates into the Atlantic archipelago.

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“I hate the company I work for!” – How to turn employee insights into best practice talent attraction

The amount of times I hear candidates say they hate their current employer is frightening. Do employers know this? Do they care? In today’s saturated, highly competitive market place, employer brand is not to be underestimated; Linkedin reports that companies with a strong employer brand spend an average of 43% less per hire. When competing with other organisations for the same talent,

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Lessons from India: what two weeks of yoga, meditation and self-help books taught me about recruitment and life (yes, seriously)

There is absolutely no point setting goals and targets if you aren’t committed to achieving them.

If something is worth doing, then it must be done. Don’t just agree that it would be nice to make it happen – decide you are going to do it. Write it down somewhere you’ll see it every day. Visualise how you will feel and what you will gain when you achieve it. Plan how you are going to get there.

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