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Finding Myself in Executive Search

After travelling South America for three months, I came to the sad conclusion that I was no longer at university and thus had no purpose in life. For approximately one week, this was delightful. The next week I was back at my google search, this time I stumbled across recruitment. I really liked the sound of being paid for how hard I worked and I liked that the work was based on building relationships with clients and candidates.

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There’s more to recruitment than three-piece suits and pointy brown shoes

Contrary to common belief, recruiters aren’t all money-grabbing sharks in a three-piece blue suit and pointy brown shoes. They have the hard task of going out to market to source a job to fill, finding a candidate suitable for the position, making sure interviews go ahead, negotiating a desirable offer for the candidate, getting them to accept and, in some cases this can be the hardest part – ensuring they start.

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