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Failure isn’t fatal

Two years ago we launched Beeken Reeves. We knew why we wanted to set up our own recruitment consultancy, we knew what we wanted to achieve, we had a plan in place and, rather naively, we felt that we were aware of everything that might go wrong. Growing a start-up is rewarding, enjoyable, exciting and fulfilling.

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This isn’t a sham(my)! This graduate career opportunity will really test your grey matter, not your patter!

The emblem of the sales industry, for me, has always been David Brent, in the mournful third series of The Office. Sacked and in constant disgrace, Brent is now selling cleaning products out of his car boot. We see him, haggard and paunchy, eulogising a dish cloth to a bewildered caretaker. “Because of the texture and quality of the shammy,” he exclaims, scrubbing at an invisible stain on a wall, “that’s coming off with tap water!”. The customer does not seem convinced. We suspect Brent may be sleeping in his car.

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